Francis Grove Donate Space To Wimbledon Hospice

While having a planning application approved, the owners of 1 Francis Grove kindly donated a selected space to St Raphael’s Hospice to use as storage and as a sorting area for the team to go through donations.

We caught up with St Raphael’s Hospice to find out more.

  1. Tell us about the work of St Raphael’s Hospice and how it has been impacted by Covid-19
    The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people think about death and dying, particularly the way they don’t want to die. That is why supporting hospice care is so important as we go forward. ‪Hospices like St Raphael’s Hospice provide expert care to people in their own home and in our in-patient unit. A big part of what we do is provide support and training to other healthcare professionals to increase the reach of palliative care and the chance of a person receiving the care they need at the end of life.‪The pandemic has had reinforced for many people that the end of life is equally as important as the life one has lived. Supporting us helps to increase the chance to get it right!
  2. Why did you choose to temporarily locate to Wimbledon?
    We will be opening our first shop in Wimbledon Village on 2nd October 2020. We have been extremely eager to have a presence in the Wimbledon area, as 20% of our patients come from SW19 and SW20 and St Raphael’s is the local hospice. Due to the enormous generosity of the public we have received over 10,000 donations and we required a large local area which will enable the team to sort through them.
  3. What does it mean to have the space donated by Francis Grove?
    It is amazing! We are incredibly grateful and thrilled as the location and size is just perfect.


Francis Grove is a four storey office building located on the corner of St George’s Road in Wimbledon Town Centre.

To find out more about the work of St Raphael’s Hospice click the link.