The Sound Lounge has always been plastic-free

Being plastic free has been at the heart of The Sound Lounge’s principles since it first started in 2015. As an officially registered Community Interest Company (which basically means not-for-profit) their goal is to make a positive difference by investing in communities through music, art and food.

So right from the very beginning Wimbledon’s latest pop up, knew that single-use plastics would be in direct conflict with their goals as they cause so much long-term environmental damage.  They were particularly worried about coffee cups, but after undertaking some research they decided to use a company called Vegware. Everything they get from Vegware is compostable, including the world’s first 100% compostable lid.  Our straws, baguette sleeves, takeaway boxes and even our cutlery is made of cornstarch which is heat resistant up to 85degrees.  There is an additional financial cost for the business but the Sound Lounge decided the environmental cost is just too great to make any other decision.

Hannah White, co-founder, being absolutely passionate about the community and the environment told us “We are not a big chain so we face all the usual challenges that small, independents face, but ultimately we don’t believe that the responsibility should always lie on the individual consumer.  When the environmental situation is as critical as it is now, businesses have to be proactive and take action and taking the plastic-free pledge is not antithetical to good business.  Consumers will always be so happy when you let them know that their buying choices are helping to reduce the country’s carbon footprint.  People are really getting behind us because they really care and we would encourage other local businesses to get involved – it is easier than you think, it’s the right thing to do and it feels good!”

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