Summary Report released from Crossrail 2

Love Wimbledon has learned that Crossrail 2 has released its SUMMARY report [Crossrail 2 Consultation Report] on the recent consultation and is available to view here.

The document is 353 pages long, Wimbledon is on page 69 (on PDF reader ) or 61 (on their document). There were 2,369 respondents to Question 27 about the proposals for a Crossrail 2 station at Wimbledon.

There are no conclusions in this document but it summarises the voice of Wimbledon and the areas of concerns from the responses. Crossrail 2 will be further examining this data and releasing their findings in the summer.

We spoke with Crossrail 2 who have commented: ‘We are now continuing to analyse the ideas and comments received in the consultation at the same time as completing further design and development work. This will help us refine the scheme in response to the feedback we received. We expect to publish our response to the issues and concerns raised during the consultation in the summer, ahead of sharing proposals in further consultations which are expected later in the year’.

We would like to thank all the businesses who participated in the feedback and will continue to keep you abreast of any updates.

We want to see Wimbledon stay great for businesses before, during and after any potential development.