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Mushroom Farming in Centre Court

As part of Centre Court’s regeneration, a new mushroom farm is springing to life inside the Shopping Centre

Developed by Caley Brothers, the farm uses coffee grounds from local Wimbledon hospitality businesses to create the perfect substrate for growing gourmet mushrooms.

The farm forms part of Centre Court’s drive towards sustainability and a circular economy. A regular, almost daily crop of Grey Oyster Mushrooms is anticipated which will be sold back to local businesses at competitive market rates, encouraging the consumption of locally-grown produce in our eateries. Any surplus mushrooms will also be available for the public to buy from Centre Court’s ground floor marketplace.

This initiative is another symbiotic element of Centre Court’s vision to be a compassionate community partner, fostering environmentally friendly and sustainable local projects and increasing biodiversity in our neighbourhood. Once the mushrooms are harvested, their used substrate will be repurposed to nourish the flowerbeds and planting on Centre Court’s new rooftop wildlife garden. This in turn will nuture 50,000 bees to be housed nearby in three new hexagonal wooden hives.

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