Wonderland Performance 2019

Apply to perform at Wimbledon Winter Wonderland
  • Please read this carefully before you complete this form. You can apply to perform at one or both of our performance locations, between 12pm and 7pm.   These are unpaid performances for community groups, bands, schools, choirs, etc. Performances should be between 10-15 minutes ideally, and need to be FESTIVE!!   We ask that all performers dress in the spirit of Christmas on stage! Please make sure you note the times you are available carefully as the programme of events for both performance areas will be scheduled according to the availability you give us. Once we have received this form, you will be notified of your acceptance as soon as possible but we will not be able to give you the accurate performance times until nearer the event date.
  • If you have children in your group, please confirm that you have got, or will be getting, parental consent for the performance and times.
  • Please use this space to give us any additional information you think we need to know:
  • To promote you through our social media channels, please enter your Facebook page and Twitter name, if you have them. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well so that we can promote the event to your followers too.