Plants in Hartfield Walk – Plants can do some amazing things including:

  • Capture and temporarily hold pollutant particles (that’s the fumes from cars)

  • Take up gaseous pollutants and absorb heavy metals from soils

  • Reduce flooding and make worm friendly (which is great for the soil)

  • Attract Bees which will go from flower to flower spreading the pollen love

  • Cheer people up who feel down or have mental health problems

The plants in Hartfield Walk have also been chosen to create flowers at different times of the year (seasonal variation) – some can climb up the wall (to keep our buildings cool) and others for their lovely flowers (to make bees happy and of course keep us happy). We have planted over 50 types of plants here and some can only be seen at certain times of the year. Choosing these seasonal plants means Hartfield Walk at times will die back, but waiting for the next season is even more exciting and a little bit more TLC for the beds.

We have mixed climbers, bulbs, herbs, shrubs, grasses and perennials in our planting and avoided bedding plants. 50% of the plants in Hartfield Walk are also drought tolerant, meaning that they can continue to boost local biodiversity, even in less ideal conditions.

So what plants are we using in Hartfield Walk? See both the Latin names (that’s us trying to be clever) and the English names (these are the ones we understand!) and a bit about them. You can find detailed overviews on all these plants on the RHS website.