Mayor of London recognises BID Businesses’ commitment to healthy workplaces

BID businesses Peldon Rose and Wimbledon Guild were each awarded the London Healthy Workplace Charter at City Hall last night by Dame Carol Black, expert advisor on health and work to Public Health England and the Department of Health, and Barry Francis, Chairman of the London Healthy Workplace Advisory Group. The BID businesses were rewarded for their efforts to support the health and wellbeing of their staff. An additional special award was presented to Merton for being among the most active and successful London boroughs in encouraging and supporting businesses to adopt healthy working practices.

The London Healthy Workplace Charter is a framework that supports businesses in developing staff wellbeing across areas including support for mental health issues, reducing sedentary practices, promoting healthy eating habits, encouraging smoking cessation, dealing with alcohol and substance misuse, and supporting them to address wellness at work issues that are specific to their culture and environment. Research shows that healthier staff are happier, more productive, less likely to leave or take sickness absence, easier to recruit and better advocates for their employer.

Merton’s Healthy Workplace Service is backed by Merton Council’s Public Health team and delivered by healthy workplace consultant Nicola Davenport on behalf of Merton Chamber of Commerce.

Nicola said: “It was a pleasure to see so many local organisations win credit last night for their efforts in promoting healthy working practices among their staff. They are proof that it doesn’t take much in the way of time or budget to adjust working practices to help improve your team’s wellbeing – and your company’s bottom line.”

Find out more about the Merton Healthy Workplace programme and how it can benefit your business here or email Nicola Davenport directly for more details.

Change at the Top


Paul Harvey, Managing Partner at Morrison’s Solicitors has been voted as Chair of the Love Wimbledon Board as Paul Windsor, Partner at WSM has stepped down.  Paul Windsor has Chaired the Board for over 5 years from when the BID was in development through the first ballot and the recent successful renewal ballot for a second term.

Love Wimbledon Board and staff team would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul Windsor for his time, energy and support and we look forward to working with Paul Harvey over the coming years. We are sure Paul Windsor will still have an active interest in the town – thanks Paul.

Crossrail 2 update

Yesterday Stephen Hammond, MP for Wimbledon, announced that Crossrail 2 have confirmed to him that they are postponing the next round of consultation (due this Autumn) to at least Q2 of 2017.

I have been in contact with Crossrail 2 and they have made the following comment:
“Both the Prime Minister and the Transport Secretary have reiterated their support for Crossrail 2‎. Their priorities are an updated business case and a robust funding plan for the scheme before we proceed with further formal public consultation [in 2017].”

We are disappointed with this delay in proceedings and are in the process of writing to Michele Dix, Managing Director of Crossrail 2 and Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London to reiterate the following:

We have been, and continue to be supporters of Crossrail 2 coming to Wimbledon. Clearly however, as a business community we need an end to the uncertainty of Crossrail 2 developments and require clarity on the impact of the phasing during build which could have a serous impact on Wimbledon Town Centre. We will also request reassurance that the plans for a new station will not be compromised and that this delay will not reflect a time shift in works and completion dates.

Wimbledon businesses, residents and visitors to the town centre need to be assured of a strong delivery plan for Crossrail 2 which minimises blight, impact of works and in the long term delivers an improved, popular and enjoyable place to do business. Love Wimbledon will continue to lobby for the best possible outcome for the town.