Taylor Alden 60 Years in Wimbledon

Taylor Alden celebrates 60 successful years in Wimbledon

This year local Public Relations & Marketing Agency, Taylor Alden will be celebrating 60 years of service in Wimbledon. We wish them a very happy birthday and many more years of success to come. Here’s what they have to say about their milestone birthday.


Alison Relf, Director at Taylor Alden
















Alison Relf, Director, Taylor Alden reminisces:

In today’s throwaway, disposable society, I, for one, take great pleasure from stamina, longevity and loyalty in an ever-changing world. And 60 years on from the conception of Taylor Alden, we look back at this timeless gem of a company.

Taylor Public Relations was founded in 1959 as a small division of the well-known industrial advertising agency, Taylor Advertising.  Based in Gloucester Place in London’s West End, the new PR division occupied a couple of rooms at the top of a gracious five-storey town house.  The handful of PR clients was passed on by Taylor Advertising, operating in the engineering and building product sectors.  Brian Corthine joined in 1968 as an assistant account executive reporting to managing director, Dennis Cunningham.

The owners of Taylor Advertising, so sure the separated independent PR company would not last long, insisted they changed the name.  Taylor Alden was chosen and the company moved out to Wimbledon – where it still resides today.  The client spread, still dominated by engineering and building clients, was offered new services –  from press relations to activities such as event organisation and customer relations programmes that included House of Commons lunches hosted by newly appointed director, Sir Geoffrey Johnson Smith MP.

A Newbury office was opened and, in 1986, Alison Relf was appointed bringing a new focus on business-to-business and business-to-consumer campaigns.  The work continues today with a focus on media and social media in the lifestyle, building and construction arenas; storytelling is still at the essence of the company.  We now have so many more channels to enjoy so there’s no fear of us going stale!

We have new clients and old – three go back over 25 years – and are still loving every minute!

Brian Corthine retired in January 2019 and Taylor Alden is now wholly owned by Alison Relf.

The late Sir Geoffrey Johnson-Smith MP (left) and Brian Corthine, Taylor Alden

The late Sir Geoffrey Johnson-Smith MP (left) and Brian Corthine, Taylor Alden

Designated Food Delivery Bike Areas in Wimbledon

With the increase of food delivery bikes in Wimbledon you will be aware of the number of bikes blocking the parking bays outside the station and the increase of bikes generally in the town. Love Wimbledon BID has been lobbying hard to find a solution for over 18 months, (food delivery bike survey with local businesses) and finally Deliveroo have responded to our pressure. Working in partnership with them a number of solutions will be implemented to ease this pressure whilst still ensuring our businesses continue to benefit from this trade. We will keep you updated on our  implementation plans.


May CEO Update from Helen

As Tesco’s calls for a 2% online sales tax to relieve business rates, Debenhams Wimbledon is put on the closure list for 2020, and Chicken Shop close their doors, Elys reveal their latest investment with the launch of their Urban Beauty department incorporating Gina Conway Salon & Spa. Through these changes Wimbledon is demonstrating the epitome of the current turmoil in retail. Town centres and their businesses must evolve and reflect more of their locality to ensure we survive and thrive. We can all do our bit to support our local town whether this is through B2B networks and supporting local business, employing local people or simply using the Love Wimbledon Privilege Card, let’s focus on keeping Wimbledon strong.

In the meantime, Love Wimbledon are delighted and proud to support this wonderful and innovative partnership between two of Wimbledon’s favourite independent businesses, Elys and Gina Conway providing a high quality, exclusive experience to Wimbledon and we are actively working with the owners of Centre Court to look for opportunities to enhance their provision to further strengthen the town centre but Debenhams is not closed yet!

For our latest news and updates follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

ACT Awareness eLearning

Free Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) briefing sessions for Retailers and Businesses.

Counter Terrorism Policing have recently produced two new training packages to support businesses in their journey towards preparedness and the fight against terrorism. ACT Awareness eLearning will provide nationally recognised corporate CT guidance to help industry better understand, and mitigate against, current terrorist methodology.


ACT Awareness is designed for those to become more aware of counter terrorism preventative measures. This training lasts about 1.5 hours, including questions and answers. This training was previously called Project Griffin.


ACT Strategic is designed for those responsible for writing policies/procedures or strongly influencing them. It will be delivered to 20 – 30 delegates from a range of organisations and business sectors. This is aimed at GM’s, Heads of department, Security managers or Emergency planners. This event was previously called project Argus. Attending a session will enable you to gain a better understanding of the threat of terrorism and the simple security measures that can be taken to protect your business. The training is interactive, and lasts 3 – 4 hours.


All training can be tailored for the night time, day time or business community. For more information or details in taking part in either of these training opportunities, please contact Steve Barr, Merton Counter Terrorism Focus Desk, Steve.Barr@met.police.uk

Love Wimbledon responds to Merton Council’s Parking Consultation April 2019

Love Wimbledon has submitted this response to Merton Council’s recent Parking Consultation.

Love Wimbledon BID is very disappointed to see the consultation about parking charges and are opposed to this on a number of principles.

Fundamentally, have no doubts that Love Wimbledon is very supportive of initiatives that are likely to improve air quality. We have been working closely with Sustainable Merton, Merton Council and Greater London Authority (GLA) to understand the issues and apply for funding and support air quality initiatives within the town. However, we do not believe the proposals outlined in this consultation will tackle air quality and certainly not give it the urgency that this issue requires.

Wimbledon Town Centre

There are 4 primary issues in Wimbledon that each have a dramatic impact on air quality.

  • Through traffic – 60% of traffic in Wimbledon is through traffic, including lots of HGVs
  • Buses – 10 bus routes serve the town and all except one route (no.93) emitting diesel fumes and NOx emissions. The 156 route has some new fleet, but others emit plumes of visible smoke
  • Taxis – over 200 taxis consider Wimbledon as their home rank they are all diesel and regularly are parked up idling
  • School term times – during school holidays the congestion in the town is markedly reduced

Addressing any one of these issues directly will have a significant impact on air quality. For example, changing no.93 bus route to hybrid immediately reduced NOx emissions by nearly 50% in Putney High Street.

Support our high streets and town centres

It is no secret that retail is in turmoil and retail patterns are changing dramatically year on year. In Merton, we are unfortunately out of control of decisions of national chains but must do what we can collectively, to support our local retail centres as much as possible. With the recent closure of HMV, Chimichanga and Maplin and Evans Cycles and Debenhams both regularly in the news for having trading difficulties, we do not need any additional local factors that will contribute to the demise of ‘the high street’. Retailers with a physical presence are already at a distinct disadvantage with significantly higher overheads, so collectively we need to work much harder to ensure our town centres have compelling reasons to visit them. High parking charges do not provide any incentive for people to visit the town.

Proposed Parking policy and current provision

The cost of parking in New Wimbledon Theatre car park is going to increase by 100%. This car park supports the smaller and independent shops along The Broadway during the day, where footfall is already low and the evening and cultural activities in the town after 6pm.

The report refers to cars circling to find parking. I would like to see the evidence that demonstrates this. Cars wait in Hartfield Road and Broadway car parks for an available space and you cannot circle around St George’s Road, Worple Road due to the traffic directional restrictions.

Quality of the council owned car parking is also very poor, not well lit, the surfaces are sub standard and overall are not well maintained. St George’s Road car park regularly attracts anti social activity, the pedestrian entrances are unsanitary and we have been lobbying for improvements to this facility for many years.

There are also proposals within this consultation with regards to reduced prices for season tickets for the car parks which are contradictory to the policy of wanting to reduce traffic in town.

Comparisons within the report are misleading. Wimbledon is one of the very few areas across London that has parking restrictions until 11pm. All restrictions in Westminster end at 6.30pm Monday to Friday and Saturday at 1.30pm except for coaches.

Parking costs on the street in Soho are £4.90 per hour. Wimbledon is being proposed as £4.50 per hour – are we comparing Wimbledon to these destinations?

Love Wimbledon proposals

Love Wimbledon BID is ready to work with Merton Council initiatives that are going to improve the town centre, including it’s air quality but we do not believe that this parking strategy will have the positive impact that we are all looking for. This is demonstrated by the lack of targets and clear measurable objectives in the paper.

  • Love Wimbledon is ready to discuss a strategy on personal deliveries and last mile delivery opportunities.
  • Let’s be part of the change towards electric vehicle adoption by providing EV charging points in the public car parks and not just on residential streets.
  • Let’s consider providing additional 20 minute free bays (including freeing up those outside the station from food delivery bikes, which we have also been actively lobbying for) to allow for short stay convenience shopping, particularly supporting small independent businesses.
  • Let’s lobby the bus companies, TfL and GLA hard to change their policies, particularly as the extended ULEZ will not impact upon Merton and is likely to attract the older fleet of vehicles.
  • Can we actively support our evening and night time economy and take the pressure off the on street parking bays in the residential areas by having a flat rate after 6pm or reduce the evening hours of operation of the council owned car parks? 11pm is punitive and unreasonable for off street parking.
  • Let’s work with local businesses to encourage them to change their HGV fleet or travel outside of peak times.
  • Actively promote an anti-idling campaign with 20mph streets across the borough reducing emissions by eliminating aggressive accelerating.


How is Merton Council planning to demonstrate that by raising the parking charges there will be a dramatic impact on air quality that warrants this approach? And how is this going to be measured?

Love Wimbledon believes that raising parking charges by such a high percentage will have a detrimental impact on people’s perceptions of visiting the town – pushing them out to retail parks and further incentivise online shopping.

If LBM are truly serious about changing air quality, then let’s do that and not pretend that parking charges are going to have the required effect we all seek. We need flexible and intelligent tariffs to support business particularly at this time of challenge for town centres and high streets.

Download as a PDF

Wimbledon’s first Trivia Pub Trail in aid of stem4

Love Wimbledon and stem4 were proud to present Wimbledon’s first charity Trivia Pub Trail held on 21st March.  An evening of pub stops, interactive questions and challenges around Wimbledon Town Centre – all through their mobile phones.

14 teams from local businesses went head to head taking on the trivia trail, enjoying the hospitality of 6 local pubs, climbing the live scoreboard and raising £440 for stem4 the Wimbledon based teenage mental health charity.

Dr Nihara Krause, Founder and CEO of stem4 commented, “We are delighted to be the recipients of the quiz trail organised by Love Wimbledon. As a small, local charity, we value being supported by the corporate community in Wimbledon and would like to thank Love Wimbledon and everyone who took part in this very enjoyable event. stem4 provide  a valuable service through our mental health education programme for children and young people, their families and teachers and the provision of digital tools to help teenagers challenge the onset of mental health problems and build resilience so that they can go on to live happy and fulfilling lives.”

Katie Owen from Love Wimbledon, Sarah Sterne and Rebecca Gibson from stem4, Sally Warren from Love Wimbledon













A great night was had by all who played and when asked what the teams enjoyed most about our Trivia Pub Trail they answered:

“the brilliant sense of community, bonding with colleagues and supporting stem4 and Love Wimbledon”

“experiencing the bars or Wimbledon and raising money for a good cause”

“spending time with work colleagues”

“discovering the amazing pub venues”


Congratulations to our winning team from local business Datix, they won themselves a £100 gift card from Sticks’n’Sushi Wimbledon to enjoy a meal.

Datix teams (L-R) Iwona McCarthy, Luke Snelling, Polly Kirk, Fern Berreen, Jess Money, Matthew Brew.

The runners up team was from Sew White who will enjoy a £50 bar tab from Smash Wimbledon while they enjoy ping-pong and pizzas!

Sew White team (L-R): Sisley White, Katie Owen from Love Wimbledon, Rebecca Reading.

Special thanks to our generous pubs who hosted hotspots including: Bar+Block Steakhouse, Smash Wimbledon, The Old Frizzle, The Garratt & Gauge, The Alexandra and 601 Queen’s Rd.


Take a look at some of the photos on our Facebook page to see how much fun they had for yourself and we hope to see you at our future business events.



Spring Update from CEO Helen

As the clocks go forward and the trees are in full blossom, the ‘feel good factor’ of spring is alive and well in Wimbledon. We welcomed three new businesses in the last month, Lebanese cuisine, Kababji and a LGBTQ bar, CMYK – both Wimbledon firsts, along with Card Factory that has opened in Centre Court. Independent pet shop and dog groomers Creature Company re-opened its doors after a major refurbishment.


Merton Council has just released a consultation about a significant increase in parking charges across Merton, but particularly Wimbledon. Please be sure to have your say here. An update on Play Wimbledon, Merton Council have shared plans for the redesign of the Russell Road junction outside New Wimbledon Theatre and St Mark’s Place. We would be very interested to hear your views to inform the next design.  See the Revised proposal PLAY WIMBLEDON.


It seems to be award season and we are so proud that many of our businesses are being recognised for being top in their industry. Congratulations to:

Sticks’n’Sushi who have been named the UK’s fastest-growing restaurant group by AlixPartners Growth Company Index.

Envoy Digital who have won the UK eCommerce Agency of the Year 2019 Award.

Darwin & Wallace, owners of 601 Queen’s Rd, won Best Sustainable Pub Company 2019 at The Publican Awards.

Pushfor were named FinTECHTalent of the week.


The Time & Leisure Food & Culture Awards and Merton Best Business Awards have been launched and we would encourage every business to consider applying for these local business awards. Love Wimbledon is the proud sponsor of a new category in the MBBAs – Positive Workplace – your chance to shout about how wonderful your business is to work for.

Culture in London is Now Mapped

The Cultural Infrastructure Plan, launched by the Mayor of London, is an initiative to support and grow cultural spaces in the capital for generations to come.

There is also a plan that goes with it to:

-Understanding where London’s cultural infrastructure is located

-Planning for and creating new cultural infrastructure

-Providing major infrastructure for a world class city

-Supporting culture at risk

-Increasing investment

-Creating policy to enable culture and the creative industries to put down roots

-Providing training, networking and guidance

Within the campaign is a new Cultural Infrastructure Map, showcasing over 25K entries and bringing London’s cultural landscape to life. We have added all of our cultural, pub and late night venues to this map (submitted and waiting for inclusion) and members of the public and venue operators can add to it here.

London sealed its reputation as a world leader for art and design teaching with the Royal College of Art and University of the Arts London securing first and second place respectively in the QS University World Rankings out of 200 of the world’s top universities. Love Wimbledon work alongside the Wimbledon College of Art and local graduates for our arts market, installations around town and campaigns to celebrate local talent and we look forward to this continued relationship.

Pink Tree Installation by Wimbledon College of Art Graduate, 2014.

Local Businesses Helping Local Charities

A big thanks to Wimbledon Nando’s staff who recently helped out at the Faith in Action Drop In Centre on Kingston Road by cooking food, cleaning up the store room, packing donation parcels and generally lending a helping hand where needed. This great community spirit is in addition to them already donating food to Faith in Action on a regular basis. All the staff enjoyed the experience and are arranging to assist again very soon. Another Wimbledon town centre business helping this local charity was TK Maxx who donated two pallets of clothes to Faith in Action and are looking to donate more on a regular basis.




The Alexandra continued this community theme by hosting a party to thank all the amazing volunteers that gave their time for the Merton winter Night Shelter 2018. Giving food, shelter and support to homeless people every night for seven weeks they really are the unsung heroes. Sarah and Mick laid on drinks and food which was very much enjoyed by all the volunteers and a great evening was had by all.

Nicki Zisman, YMCA Wimbledon, commented, “The Alexandra Pub not only provided the evening meal at St Mark’s on a couple of evenings for our guests in the first block, but also hosted our shelter celebration again this year to thank our fabulous volunteers. It was a lovely opportunity to come together socially in such a wonderful setting and feed back a little of the success of this year’s shelter run. For Krysia, Magdalena and I, it was a rare opportunity to meet many of our unsung volunteer heroes who cover the night shifts, early morning breakfast shifts and schlep the luggage from venue to venue, and a chance to say a big thank you to all.”

(L-R) Helen Clark Bell, Mick Dore, Nicki Zisman, Sarah Dore, Kevin Gallagher

Great to see local businesses assisting local charities, thank you to all our businesses for your donation of time and much needed items to help our local charities in the vital work they do for the local community.

If your business wishes to assist local charities, in any form, please contact Kevin Gallagher, Love Wimbledon Operations Manager, keving@lovewimbledon.org.

Time & Leisure Food and Culture Awards 2019

Back for the ninth year, Time & Leisure’s Food and Culture Awards 2019 are LIVE!

Set up to support local businesses, these awards seek out consumer opinions and shine a light on the best in the region. They create conversations amongst consumers of where to try, discover new experiences and encourage people to support their local establishments and high streets.

Love Wimbledon has been a sponsor and supporter of these awards since they started as a way to shout about all our great eateries and cultural venues. Once again this year we are proud to sponsor the BEST EATING EXPERIENCE IN WIMBLEDON TOWN CENTRE and shout very loudly about how great you all are.

If you are a Wimbledon town centre food producer, cafe, pub, restaurant or foodie market stall holder YOUR business has already been nominated in the above category – all YOU have to do is shout about it, promote it through your marketing channels and tell all your customers to vote for you, it’s FREE plus they stand a chance of winning a luxury weekend away.

Here is the VOTING page for you to share.

There are many other categories which you may have been nominated for across Food and Culture including:

Best Family Friendly Restaurant 

Best Newcomer

Best Service

Best Night Out

Best Coffee/Tea House

Restaurant of the Year

Best Pub

Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year

Tony Kane Cultural Experience

Performing Arts Venue of the Year

Family Attraction of the Year








All you have to do is get your customers voting for you, promote the awards across your social media channels and if you’d like FREE promotional material to put up in your business please email info@lovewimbledon.org and we will deliver these to you.

Wimbledon businesses did incredibly well in the #TLFCA awards last year, here’s a reminder of the 2018 winners.

Voting is now OPEN and the results will be announced at The Hurlingham Club on 9th September. More details to follow about this event and how you can be there.