New “Hopper” fare means cheaper travel

Travelling on a bus in London will become cheaper and more convenient for millions of passengers with the introduction of the new Hopper fare from Monday 12 September

Hopper will allow passengers to change from one bus or tram to another bus or tram for free within one hour of touching in at the start of their journey. It will be automatically given to anyone who uses pay-as-you-go with Oyster or contactless payment cards. Passengers could make extended journeys across London for just £1.50 for a standard adult fare if the second journey begins within an hour.  The new fare will mean an estimated 30m bus journeys currently costing £1.50 will now become free every year.

Transport for London is also working towards delivering unlimited bus and tram transfers within one hour from 2018. In addition, from 2018 customers who travel on a tube or train between their two or more bus or tram journeys will also be eligible for the Hopper fare.

Helping Wimbledon businesses keep lean and green

Love Wimbledon works hard to help businesses save money and operate with environmental responsibility. Over 25% of BID businesses have taken up recycling services and utility contracts with providers we have sourced. Through these partnerships BID businesses have saved:

over £100,000 on bills since we initiated our assisted procurement scheme

over £135,000 on recycling and waste collection since we launched our First Mile service

Almost 700,000kg of waste has been recycled and businesses have saved over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of over 7,000 trees!

Love Wimbledon will continue to help businesses save money and keep Wimbledon clean and green. Find out more about these and other business services we offer here.

Wimbledon Town Centre shop vacancy rates remain low

Over the last year the shop vacancy rate in Wimbledon has fallen dramatically from 7% in April 2015 to just 4.6% a year later, and has been consistently lower than many other areas of London and compared to the UK as a whole. Over the last quarter in particular the vacancy rate has remained low while both the London and national rates have seen marked increases to 9.1% and 10.1% respectively.

Love Wimbledon strives to make Wimbledon Town Centre an attractive, safe, well presented and represented location of choice for business as well as visitors and residents. Our focus is on promoting the town centre and supporting local businesses and we aim to ensure the businesses, attractions and facilities of Wimbledon Town Centre are connected, clearly presented and represented with a strong collective voice, and to provide services to support existing businesses and attract new ones.