Ranger Impact Report – Q1 2023


Since January our Town Centre Ranger has been working hard with external partners to keep the town clean and maintained. The graph above illustrates the number of issues which have been resolved in Q1 2023, 868 – our highest quarter yet.

We had reported an increase in litter, fly-tipping, fly-posting and graffiti in the town centre to our external services which has led to a staggering 1000 issues resolved to date (January-April). With more work planned in preparation for the tennis and other summer events, our team is dedicated to keeping the town centre in top form.


Before and after graffiti removal


Our Ranger reports around 250 issues a month to external partners such as First Mile, Veolia, Community Clean, Merton Council and Thames Water, ensuring they are resolved quickly and effectively.

You can report issues here:

Fly tipping


Graffiti (in public areas)


Streets and Pavements (Highways)

Traffic Lights

Bus Stops and Shelters

Rough sleepers