The Alexandra hosts reception for local volunteers

The Alexandra recently hosted a thank you reception for YMCA’s Night Shelter volunteers

YMCA‘s Night Shelter Co-ordinator, Nicki Zisman commented,

“We’d like to shout out a huge thank you to The Alexandra pub, not only did they provide superb evening meals at St Mark’s Church for our guests in the first half of the run, but also hosted our end of shelter celebration this year to thank our fabulous volunteers. It was a lovely opportunity to come together socially in such a wonderful setting and feed back a little of the success of this year’s shelter run. For Krysia and I, it was a rare opportunity to meet many of our unsung volunteer heroes who covered the night shifts and very early morning breakfast shifts, which was a real privilege.”

One of the attendees also commented,

“Thank you all for organising/hosting a wonderful night … it was really nice to chat to other people involved from the different venues … and thanks Mick and Sarah for once more being the Hosts with the Mosts.”