Broadway Place Waste Collection: Case Study by Town Ranger, Tom Ruffell

One of Love Wimbledon’s aims is to make sure the town centre is kept clean, vibrant and attractive. In order to achieve this we work with third parties and various waste contractors to ensure BID businesses are getting the best possible service.

On my regular patrol of the town centre, I had seen that there were some considerable issues with the waste collections for PC World, O2, HMV, HMV Curzon, JD Sports, Maplin and Doddle; the businesses confirmed this. This area is known as Broadway Place.

Broadway Place – before

We liaised with all of the businesses and contacted the property management company directly to find a solution. After recommending and introducing First Mile they are now in place as the contracted waste company for Broadway Place.

Nik, Store Manager from PC World couldn’t be more delighted with how things have been sorted out and quick:

“Love Wimbledon want to do what is best for the businesses. They represent us and we couldn’t be happier with how much cleaner and tidier the area behind our shop is as a result. They lobbied for it to happen, and we noticed the results straight away!”

Broadway Place – after


The Management Surveyor at Workman said,

“Since taking on the management of Wimbledon Broadway in mid-February of this year I came to find that there were a number of issues with the waste from tenants on site. It seemed as though no recycling was taking place and the service yard itself was always full of litter. Kevin from Love Wimbledon was forthcoming to get the site cleaned up and recommended the services of First Mile who would be able to collect the waste more frequently and provide recycling.

“With the help of Tom from Love Wimbledon the tenants have been taught to organise their waste and recycle more effectively. The excellent customer service from First Mile has been greatly received to ensure things on site are going as they should be. With the cooperation between Love Wimbledon, First Mile, Workman LLP and all the tenants, we have managed to clear up the site and have a better environmental impact on waste disposal.”

First Mile, an award winning waste contractor, provides an excellent recycling service available to all Love Wimbledon BID businesses at a reduced rate including an allocation of free recycling too.

The Account Manager at First Mile commented:

“By moving waste services to First Mile, we have been able to save these businesses on The Broadway around 22% on what they were paying with the previous supplier and based on their bin setup, the recycling rate is going to be something in the region of 65-70%.”

There are now regular collections in place and a better service, the area is kept clean and tidy and Love Wimbledon will continue to work with the businesses, property management company and First Mile to ensure that the level of service is kept to the highest standard to provide free recycling allocation and a reduced cost on waste collection for all BID members.

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About Tom

Tom Ruffell is Love Wimbledon’s Town Ranger, patrolling our streets daily and reporting on any issues in order to keep Wimbledon Town Centre clean, attractive and safe. He liaises with local businesses on a day to day basis promoting Love Wimbledon’s services and making sure the businesses are looked after. He says:

“I pride myself in building relationships with the businesses so that they can speak to me about any topics that are affecting them.”

You can contact Tom directly by emailing