Close Brothers food recycling in Wimbledon office

Love Wimbledon is pleased to announce that Close Brothers are now carrying out food recycling in their offices in Wimbledon Town Centre.


A rep from Close Brothers said, “We’re delighted to be providing a solution to food waste management within our office in Wimbledon. We know what a difference simple changes can make to the environment, and have been working to introduce this over the last few months, helping us to become even more environmentally friendly as a business. We hope the success of this initiative will encourage other businesses in Wimbledon to introduce an environmental solution to food waste as well.”

Love Wimbledon would love to hear from other businesses that would like to start food recycling. Love Wimbledon has teamed up with dependable and award-winning recycling company First Mile to provide free and reduced recycling sacks to BID members. Please email us at, for more information.