Crossrail2 Consultation – Have your say

Crossrail2 have released an initial overview of proposals for the scheme which outlines potential routes through London.  Please find link here.  On 14th September this was presented to a Wimbledon  landowners forum by Crossrail2 hosted by Love Wimbledon and Merton Council in what we think is a first in London. Public consultation is expected to start this autumn and Crossrail2 are anticipating funding from the Government Spending Review which is on 25th November.   There are expected to be yearly public consultations for up to 4 years as details are developed. The public consultation this autumn is expected to present the scheme design including route and safeguarded areas (this may affect some of our businesses). TFL and crossrail2 ‘s brief is for the station, construction sites and track; the local authority will still have ownership of adjacent building development potential.

Have your say:

If you have any points for us to raise please email us at we will keep you informed of any dates and proposals from Crossrail2.