Cyber Security: What You Really Need to Know 17 October


In this new workshop, we welcome experts from the field of cyber security from across London and here in Wimbledon to explain the current cyberattack outlook, the specific measures you should undertake in the event that your business is targeted, and how your organisation can develop a robust cyber security policy to significantly reduce the risk of vulnerability, as well as the commercial benefits that can be gained through implementing strong cyber defences.


Whether you’re a business owner, an IT professional, an office manager or a digital marketer, you will find this interactive workshop both educational and beneficial, and you will leave with easily implementable solutions that will immediately enhance your organisation’s ongoing cyber resilience.


Event Purpose:

The purpose of this event is to serve as an introduction to cyber resilience for small businesses, to ensure we improve the cyber resilience of SMEs. The content will set the scene as to its importance; demystify and dispel common fears and misconceptions; and provide practical and actionable advice on how your business can improve its cyber security stance.


17 October

9:30am- 12:30pm

Tuition House

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Simon Newman, CEO of Cyber Resilience Centre for London

Cyber Protect Officer, Metropolitan Police

Nick Denning, CEO of Policy Monitor


Event Structure:

This will be a highly interactive session to consider your cyber resilience challenges, structured around the following themes:

•The threat landscape and an explanation of terms

•A deeper dive into how criminals work and examples of common attacks

•Simple things you can do today to check your exposure and improve your defences

•Future planning to satisfy your stakeholders that you are doing the right thing

•How to manage an incident and recover from it.