How To Keep Your Company Cyber Secure
16 September 2022

About this event
Wimbledon-based cyber security company Policy Monitor is launching its new information security management product, Cyber Security Policy Monitor (CSPM) at this free event for local businesses.
Stephen Hammond MP will present A View from Westminster – A Political Perspective on Security.
Founder and CEO of Policy Monitor will present the new product, CSPM and outline the company’s aim to support the government’s mission to make the UK the safest place to do electronic business.


What is CSPM?

CSPM is a cloud-based solution that helps SMEs find important information on Cyber Security, assess the risks they face regarding Cyber Security and then plan and implement the simple steps to reduce those risks in a cost-effective manner.

Using CSPM, Policy Monitor helps organisations take best practices and define cost-effective security policies tailored to their situation. Implemented as workflows, companies can quickly and simply create and organise their own cyber security processes to UK government standards, vital if the organisation is to do business with the government. Organisations also maintain training and awareness to keep staff alert, schedules regular tasks so they are not forgotten and initiates practiced responses when attacked.

CSPM makes management easy with visual dashboards to demonstrate progress against key performance indicators and clear workflows for users to follow. They keep up to date and are able to respond to a constantly changing cyber landscape.


Exclusive Offer
Those companies that attend the half-day event starting at 9.30am either in person or virtually, and who sign-up for CSPM within the week will receive a 50% discount for the first year of use, or 20% for signing up in the first month, and all will have a further 20% discount for the next year.
Love Wimbledon and Merton Local Chamber of Commerce Members will receive a 10% perpetual discount on Cyber Security Policy Monitor (CSPM).

Friday 16th September 2022



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