Wimbledon Local Plan

Local Plan Consultation Forum

Merton Council has released its local plan and were invited by Love Wimbledon to come and talk to businesses and property owners about the thinking behind the plan. Love Wimbledon will be releasing our response in the next week or so.

You can watch a recording of the virtual meeting here (passcode: B7Pp+niW) and access the presentation files here.

The Council are interested in hearing the business voice, especially when it comes to flexibility of commercial uses. The consultation closes on 1st February 2021.

Read the full Local Plan   


There are a number of documents with specific sections relating to Wimbledon Town Centre. These sections are:

02. Good Growth Strategy (pg 13 references Wimbledon)

03. Urban Development and Objectives

09. Wimbledon

10. Climate Change

11. Economy and Town Centres (pg 6 includes High Streets, pg 25 active street frontages and town centre types of uses eg shopping, cultural, office, leisure etc)

15. Infrastructure

17. Transport and Urban Mobility


We encourage businesses to comment on the Local Plan by filling the questionnaire here or email Merton Council at future.merton@merton.gov.uk. The deadline to respond is 1st February 2021.