Love Wimbledon Wins Funding to Green Wimbledon’s Commercial Buildings

Are you up for going greener?

Amidst rising energy prices, it is even more important to operate workplaces efficiently to save money. We are one of only nine London-based business engagement partners who will be delivering the Mayor of London’s Business Climate Challenge (BCC). Following a successful trial, the programme was proven to reduce energy consumption for businesses, often saving money, and deliver targets towards net zero. 

The BCC programme provides free support for businesses to: 

  • Reduce emissions from heating and powering  
  • Make buildings more energy efficient 
  • Reduce energy costs  
  • Support businesses on their pathway to zero carbon 


Did you know? 

London’s commercial and industrial buildings currently make up 36% of the capital’s carbon footprint. Decarbonising the city’s building stock is pivotal to reach a net zero target by 2030, and ensure a green and clean recovery  from the pandemic which supports green jobs for the new economy. By participating in this pioneering initiative, Love Wimbledon BID businesses can receive direct support from leading sustainability consultants to enable them to rethink and reframe how they use energy in their workplace.


How to get involved 

We have the opportunity for twenty businesses or property owners to participate in our BCC programme. While we will ensure the learnings are captured for all our businesses, for their own operational efficiency, BCC’s consultants who will work with Love Wimbledon and participating businesses require the following criteria: 

  • You have a place of work that would have hosted 50 – 250 employees pre-pandemic (including theatres / cinemas / cultural venues) 
  • You are a business within the Love Wimbledon BID area 
  • You can be a tenant or a landowner (you do not need to own the building to participate) 
  • You are committed to improving your sustainability credentials whilst saving money 

This service is free.


We are now looking for around 20 office-based businesses to participate in this pilot. If you would like to get involved contact Craig Hurring, CEO, Love Wimbledon BID: 

020 8619 2012 or email 

 More about the Business Climate Challenge Programme 

Piloted in 2021, The Mayor partnered with the Better Bankside BID in Southwark, working with its members to create a commitment to reduce energy consumption. 19 businesses joined the BCC committing to reduce their building’s energy consumption by 10 per cent within a year. The businesses received tailored technical advice from Turner & Townsend, who supported them to decarbonise their buildings and reduce their energy consumption. 

Findings from the pilot indicate that in the first 9 months of the programme BCC participants reduced their energy  consumption on average by 16%, surpassing their target and saving £8,300 in energy costs. 

Achieving energy savings comes at a low cost to businesses since more than half of the participants can meet or exceed their target by implementing energy-efficiency measures with an average cost of £3,800. So far the cohort has reduced 213 tonnes of carbon and accrued total cost savings of £116,300. 

For 2022-3 the Challenge has been scaled up, with the Mayor announcing that BCC will now support a further 250 businesses to decarbonise their buildings. Meeting their efficiency targets could result in total energy cost reductions of up to £2 million. Love Wimbledon has been awarded this programme so let’s make the most of it. 

Businesses will receive bespoke technical support to operate their workplaces more efficiently with access to training opportunities and learning materials. Participants will commit to reducing their energy consumption by 10% in one year with support from BCC’s technical consultants. Businesses that reach their energy reduction target will be recognised in a Mayoral event at the end of the programme and receive a certificate. 

The BCC has been developed with pro bono support from Bloomberg Associates and builds on learnings from other global cities.