Morrisons Solicitors Launch Staff Wellbeing Programme

Jenny Turner from Morrisons Solicitors LLP comments, “Staff wellbeing is an important part of achieving not only the firms goals but also each individuals goals. That’s why we launched a wellbeing programme, with initiatives such as fruit deliveries, wellbeing mentors, onsite massages as well as spine and posture checks.  The programme has already been received very well by our staff who are really engaging with the initiatives.


Staff wellbeing and their physical and mental health is of huge importance to the firm and there is a significant link between wellbeing at work and productivity. Mental Health in particular is growing so much in terms of education and people talking about it as openly as physical health, which is truly positive. The firm recognised that in the same way that we have a number of staff trained and certified in physical First Aid at Work, it made sense that staff are also trained in helping people with mental health issues.


When I did my physical First Aid training, it struck me how unlikely it would be that I would come across many of the circumstances I was trained for, but how very likely it was that I would come across someone who needed first aid mentally. I completed a full 2 day Mental Health First Aid course last year and can honestly say it was very eye opening and gave me the tools, confidence and understanding of how best I can help others. We now offer similar training to some staff in each of our offices so they can act as Wellbeing Mentors.


The Mentors are ‘go to’ people in all our offices for staff who may be struggling, they support staff in relation to their mental and physical wellbeing. Along with onsite massage, spine & posture checks, fruit deliveries and Wellbeing noticeboards, the Wellbeing Programme will keep growing with new ideas as initiatives, using surveys and voting to communicate and engage with our staff to gauge interest.


This programme is all in addition to our existing initiatives such as Private Medical Insurance, Birthday Leave & Voucher, Employee Discount website, Employee Support Hub, Volunteering Days, Flexible Working, and much more. We are always looking for new ideas, initiatives or contributors, as part of our drive to promote the best possible working environment for our staff and improve their wellbeing.”


Many of our Wimbledon BID businesses are doing great work within the Healthy Workplace arena and improving employee wellbeing at work. Do let us know if your business engages in similar activities or programmes, we’d love to hear about it.