New Business Waste Legislation – January 2015

New waste regulations are coming

From January 2015, new UK waste regulations will require businesses to separate recyclable material (paper, plastic, card, metal and glass) from other waste. This amendment to the EU Waste Framework Directive means that businesses will be required to separate their recyclable material by law.

Do I need to do anything?

To be compliant, your business is required to have recycling (paper, plastic, card, metal and glass) collected separately from other waste.

If your recycling is already being collected separately from your other waste, i.e. in our Mixed Recycling Sacks, then you are already compliant. Simply continue to put paper, plastic, card, metal and glass into Mixed Recycling Sacks and place all non-recyclables and food waste into General Waste or Food Recycling Sacks.

If you are not currently recycling, you may need to begin doing so to ensure your business is compliant. The easiest way is to set up a Mixed Recycling service through our recycling contractor First Mile. Mixed Recycling services are lower cost than General Waste and in addition if you are a Love Wimbledon BID business you receive a FREE allocation of sacks, so this will also reduce your costs.

Need help?
If you are unsure about any of this information, First Mile would be delighted to talk it through with you. You can reach them any time on 0800 612 9894 or at