New Mushroom Farm Joins Centre Court


As part of Centre Court Shopping Centre’s transformation, a new mushroom farm has been installed that needs hospitality businesses in Wimbledon to donate their used coffee grounds to grow gourmet mushrooms.

Run by mushroom farmers Caley Brothers, the purpose of this new farm is to utilise coffee waste from local cafes and restaurants to grow Grey Oyster Mushrooms. The harvest of mushrooms will then be available for local hospitality businesses to buy at competitive prices, to add a gourmet ingredient to their menus and encourage consumption of locally-grown produce.

Used coffee grounds are a perfect substrate for growing mushrooms and are a byproduct of many local hospitality businesses. Saving these grounds from going to landfill and using them within the growing process will help to create a local circular economy.

If your business produces waste coffee grounds, then get in touch with Caley Brothers by emailing You will need to ensure that your used coffee grounds are kept separate from other waste, and are in a usable condition.

The Farm at Centre Court Shopping Centre will produce a regular, almost daily harvest of Grey Oyster Mushrooms that will then be made available to local businesses at competitive prices.

The used substrate from this harvesting will also be repurposed, to nourish the flowerbeds and planting on the new rooftop wildlife garden in Centre Court. The rooftop is due to have beehives installed, which will help support biodiversity by maintaining secure and healthy bee populations.

This all comes as part of Romulus’ sustainable vision –