Power Outages in Wimbledon Town Centre

Over the last year a number of town centre businesses have suffered a number of power outages. They tend to be short in nature, (20 seconds – 2 minutes), but are, nevertheless, very disruptive and cause continuity issues and have affected quite a number of businesses in Wimbledon. We would like to thank you for providing this valuable information as it helped us to build a picture of what was happening.


Love Wimbledon raised these issues with UK Power Networks (UKPN) directly, when first notified by businesses and have since built a positive relationship with senior/area management at UKPN.


As a result UKPN have been very responsive and have worked with us to identify the problem and have now designed a solution to resolve these issues. The solution should be implemented by this Winter.


The work associated with implementing this solution has included; The demolition of a power substation in Pelham Road, and the building of a replacement, The laying of 1.4km of new cables from Lombard Road to the substation in Pelham Road.


Once this project is complete, Wimbledon businesses will see a significant reduction of these types of power outages, and improved power restoration if there is an outage within one minute, actioned remotely.


Please keep Love Wimbledon informed of any further power outages, so we can continue to liaise with UKPN on your behalf.


Love Wimbledon BID is here to lobby for your our businesses. Whilst you may consider these sorts of issues to be just an issue affecting you, they are often part of a larger issue which we can then lobby to resolve for the entire business community. This saves you time but also helps all business to be more effective and efficient. Give us the problem and we will work hard on your behalf for a resolution.