Launch of the Merton Best Business Awards 2018

This event provides a chance for all entrepreneurs and local companies to reap the benefits of their brand recognised as Merton’s best


With International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day falling in the same week, it has certainly turned our focus to the fairer folk of our town.

I was privileged to attend the launch of Merton Chamber’s Business Awards last Tuesday. South Thames College was filled

with #MertonBest sponsors, winners and contenders for this year’s awards. As I walked around the room, it was soon apparent how many women were running their own company or representing key businesses in the borough.

With feminine red, yellow and green outfits peppering the suits, it seemed a wonderful opportunity to gather all the women together for a photograph. I audaciously found the microphone and invited them to step forward to capture the female talent in the room.

Merton Chamber have always championed women in business and once again, this event provided a chance for all entrepreneurs and local companies to reap the benefits of their brand recognised as Merton’s best.

With the CEO of Love Wimbledon; Helen Clark-Bell, Karine Torr; Editor of Darling Magazine and the CEO of Merton Chamber; Diana Sterck, I was in good company.

In 2017 Karine Torr was the first ever winner of the Andrew Wakefield Award.

She was thrilled to be recognised for the work she does in the community.

‘I love working with the women of Wimbledon. They are innovative and feisty, making this town an exciting place to live and work’.

Likewise, Diana was keen to highlight the benefits of being an award winner. ‘It’s an easy online application and plenty of categories to choose from,’ She told me with pride.

Helen Clark-Bell, was delighted that Love Wimbledon would once again sponsor the Merton Best Business Awards. ‘Everyone likes to be recognised for their achievements and everyone loves a winner, so we will be encouraging applications from business in Wimbledon town centre to apply.’

The timing was perfect as it was International Women’s Day two days later. It was quite incredible how many women championed each other on social media and private messages from friends and family wishing them a well-deserved day of recognition for all they have achieved.

Mother’s Day seemed to repeat the same comradery, as we understood the juggle of daily life. I must admit, the strength of women supporting women in Merton is both rare and special as we champion each other’s success and genuinely care when our chips are down.

This week we raised a glass to women in business, another glass to the mothers of Merton and a pint to the men who recognise our talents as equal to theirs.

No wonder it was such a great week. Lady Wimbledon

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