Love Wimbledon Team at Ride London

September CEO Update from Helen

Love Wimbledon Team at Ride London

After Ride London, August is always a quiet month on the streets of Wimbledon, however we are very pleased to note that our overall footfall is not declining. In fact year on year we have stronger figures than August 2018 and we are showing a growth in footfall for the year to date. Investment in Wimbledon continues to be good and with strong interest in Wellington House and 22 Worple Road, the office sector continues to grow.

Unfortunately you will see that a couple of retailers have recently closed their doors. Since the change to the fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) in April, two of our bookmakers have chosen to close in Wimbledon and Burger King was repossessed by the landlord from the franchise owners.

On a positive note, we are pleased to be working with LEON to welcome them to Wimbledon this autumn and are actively working with agents to attract new businesses to town. If there is a business you would like to see in Wimbledon then please let us know!

We have an exciting autumn ahead as we go into awards season, then cultural festival season and then I won’t mention the next season, but I can promise you plans are already afoot!