stem4 CEO recognition for Outstanding contribution

stem4 CEO, Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Krause was recognised this week for her outstanding voluntary contribution to the Borough of Merton by the Merton Voluntary Service Council. Dr Krause is the founder of stem4, a teenage mental health charity that focuses on early awareness and intervention in secondary schools. stem4 is based in Wimbledon and has offered workshops and conferences to students, parents and teachers in many Merton schools. The Calm Harm app to help teenagers manage their urge to self-harm created by Dr Krause has over 730k downloads from across the world (find it Google Play and the App Store).

Upon accepting her award, Dr Krause said ‘I am thrilled to be acknowledged for doing something I am passionate about. Mental ill health difficulties respond very well to early identification and treatment leading children and young people onto a happy and fulfilled pathway to adulthood.’

Dr Nihara Krause