Wimbledon bursts into summer colour

We love flower beds in Wimbledon!

Love Wimbledon aims to add a natural, bee friendly mix of plants to the flower beds we manage in Wimbledon Town Centre and many of you will have seen the beautiful seasonal plants providing bursts of colour throughout the year.

If you work near St George’s Road you’ll see our newly planted blue salvia about to come to life, dotted with white geraniums and topiaried with a box hedging.

PLEASE BE AWARE that box tree caterpillar is currently destroying hedges in the Wimbledon area.

If your business is responsible for plants in Wimbledon Town Centre, please get your buxus sprayed as soon as possible to stem this infestation. Box caterpillars were named by the Royal Horticultural Society as the “top pest” last year and will decimate swathes of box hedging if left unchecked.