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Deliveroo & Food Delivery Bikes

Deliveroo Drop In Workshop

Deliveroo hosted a drop in session for their riders in Hartfield Road car park on Thursday 15th August. This was well attended by the riders as Deliveroo gave away a lot of ‘kit’, whilst also giving them a leaflet from Love Wimbledon outlining some positive behaviours that we would like to encourage within the town. This was held next to the 2 new bays that Merton Council have provided for the riders to wait for their next order. Around 100 riders attended and we are hoping this will have a positive impact on how they perceive the town.

We are continuing to work with Senior Managers at Deliveroo and have reached out to Uber Eats to have the same conversation with them. But in the meantime if you do witness any issues please do report them through to support@deliveroo.co.uk  with license plate numbers where possible.

Deliveroo Progress Update May 2019

We are now in regular and good communication with Deliveroo Head Office and they are responding well to our concerns about the accumulation of bikes in particular areas and the blocking of parking bays. Deliveroo managers have visited site and are sending messages to the riders and will continue this approach over the next couple of months. We have also been advised if there are instances on anti-social behaviour these can be reported on support@deliveroo.co.uk with as much detail as possible so that they can identify the riders and take appropriate action.

Love Wimbledon will continue to work with Deliveroo to manage this situation for the benefit of the businesses and the functioning of the town.

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