Bounce along to Polka this Easter!

Bounce along to Polka this Easter with fun activities and shows for ages 0-14

Polka is gearing up for a fantastic Easter with a huge range of activities for ages 0-14. With dancing, acting, comedy and designing workshops there’s something for all interests. These workshops will provide perfect entertainment for children and young people where they will learn, develop skills and make new friends.

Kicking things off for children aged 0-5 together with parent/carer, Polka has music and story workshops Nursery Rhyme, Story Time, Music Mix (8 April). For ages 3-5 get the bunny ears ready for an Easter-themed movement and craft workshop Bouncing Bunnies Bumper Workshop (16 April). Ages 6-9 can step, bounce, and leap into Spring with a professional choreographer with Spring in Your Step (9 April).

Create your own miniature theatre in a behind-the-scenes design workshop for ages 6-9 in Miniature Theatre Model Box Making (15 April). For ages 7-11 we have slapstick and comedy workshop Physically Funny (10 April) and heroic storytelling with Awesome Adventures (17 April). For ages 8-13 we have a chance to work with a professional director with Act Direct (11 April).

The thriving creative learning department at Polka ensure that activities are open for all, offering a diverse programme of workshops to suit all tastes. Those who love theatre but don’t necessarily want to act will be able to learn about other areas of theatre production, such as becoming a set designer for the day.

Also, don’t forget productions coming up during Easter-

For younger children there’s Town Mouse and Country Mouse (8-12 April) for ages 3-6 and Yummm! A fun, food-based dance and comedy show for ages 2-3 & 4-6 (15-24 April)

And we haven’t forgotten older children- for them we have the epic and thrilling Minotaur, ages 8-14 (4 April- 24 May), where myth and modern day warfare combine in a boy’s heroic quest to save his father.

To find about more about these exciting shows and the Polka Theatre please visit their website here