Crossrail 2 consultation ends this Friday

The Crossrail 2 consultation has now closed.

Details of the proposals for Wimbledon can be found here (factsheets S13 and S13B).

Crossrail 2 Wimbledon BID Business Forum

CrossRail 2 Managing Director Michele Dix came to speak to Love Wimbledon businesses and landlords regarding the impact of CrossRail 2 on the town centre. The forum attended by representatives from over 80 businesses, council senior management, local councillors and Merton Chamber of Commerce, gave the business community a chance to ask questions and be brought up to date on the proposals.

After pressure from Love Wimbledon, CrossRail 2 have published a new document (S13B) which provides clearer information for Wimbledon businesses and residents on potential phasing through the project to minimise disruption. Love Wimbledon urged CrossRail 2 to present potential phasing plans for the town centre to understand the real impact of the work sites: one of the biggest areas of concern from the Love Wimbledon businesses. Michele Dix provided a clearer picture on how the impact of the work could be minimised and stated ‘that they are still open to different options’ including a deep tunnel for fast trains that bypass Wimbledon.

New information presented included:

  • Potential phasing of works in Wimbledon Town Centre (to reduce impact)
  • Reasons for wanting to use Centre Court as a work site
  • Centre Court may not be totally demolished
  • There is potential to extend retail / office in over-line development
  • Longer term the area around what is now ‘The Fridge’ would be redeveloped bringing retail / leisure / place making opportunities above a new 4 platform tram terminal
  • Investigation of a tunnelling option for fast trains which do not stop at Wimbledon

Please click here to see the slides that Michele Dix presented at our Business Forum.

New clarification information from Crossrail 2 please click here

Paul Windsor, Chair of Love Wimbledon summarised the event stating that ‘Whilst there is overall support for the long term infrastructure objective, it is crucial that disruption to Wimbledon during the build phases is minimised and the new tunnelling option is a very positive step in helping to achieve this. Major improvements for the town centre could be leveraged on the CrossRail 2 plans and we ask that there is a clear and honest assessment of impact. The boroughs scheduled masterplan is key – these plans will affect what we will see at street level in the town’.

Diana Sterck, CEO of Merton Chamber of Commerce, commented ‘ Economic impact verses economic blight , the development of businesses and their needs must be taken into account in this area, it is a priority and we need to maintain jobs and businesses during build. ’

Helen Clark Bell, BID Manager said ‘Love Wimbledon will continue to push for minimal disruption to the town centre and support long term improvements. We are working closely with Merton Council, CrossRail 2 and Merton Chamber of Commerce to ensure the voice of our businesses are heard. We are part of a strategic team providing input to the councils master plan for Wimbledon Town Centre, which in light of the current proposals, we will push to bring forward to early 2016. Some of the new development would give us the opportunity for better retail and high quality office and public realm – long term this would be great for Wimbledon.’

Have your say in the CrossRail 2 consultation on their website here.