Guidance for retailers on new polymer banknotes

The Bank of England has published training materials to help retailers identify the new security features on the £5 polymer banknote, ahead of it entering circulation on 13 September 2016. Business owners and staff are advised to familiarise themselves with the multiple security features within the new banknotes. When handling the new notes, retailers should check:

  • the see-through window
  • the foil patch that changes from ‘Five’ to ‘Pounds’
  • the ultra-violet feature
  • the coronation crown, which should appear 3D
  • Big Ben, which should be gold on the front and silver on the back

Retailers will also need to ensure any machines that handle cash are updated before the new notes enter circulation. Click here for full details on the new £5 note, including further information specific to retailers, or visit the Bank of England website.