Kickstart Healthier Eating in Wimbledon

Begin your January with a selection of nourishing meals in Wimbledon designed specifically for your well-rounded diet, promoting a healthy start to the year.

Health Zone Shop – Collect a Healthy Snack

Get creative in the kitchen this January and collect a range of nutritional ingredients from Health Zone. Discover a selection of items perfect to adjust your diet this year, from green foods to probiotics, herbal remedies, and gluten-free and vegan alternatives.

Health Zone Shop

Pho – Nutritional Vietnamese Food

Delve into the nutritious world of Vietnamese street food at Pho Wimbledon. Pho offers a variety of fresh, healthy dishes prepared daily in-house. Whether you crave pho, curry, salad, or a flavourful rice dish, Pho has a delicious vegan option ready for you to enjoy.

Eating Vietnamese cuisine may help reduce calories, some dishes also have an abundance in protein. There are also dishes suitable for vegans and vegetarians, that are compatible with keto diets, plus some dishes free from gluten.

Pho Wimbledon

Grilandia – Meatless Mondays

How about giving Meatless Mondays a shot this month? Head over to Grilandia and savour their delightful veggie mezes brimming with falafel and delectable other Lebanese delights or indulge in their flavourful lentil soup.

The benefits of eating less meat and more plant-based foods, such as vegetables, beans, and nuts, are thought to improve heart health and may reduce the risk of heart disease. Plus, it’s better for the planet!

Grilandia Wimbledon

LEON – Try a Plant-Based Menu

LEON has introduced its Veganuary 2024 menu, which is all about Gut-Healing Goodness and Plant Power. Get ready for a line-up of plantilicious dishes that are not only a treat for the taste buds but are a treat for the gut too. Explore new additions such as the golden glow dhal, LEON’s dreamy LOVe burger and much more.

Starting a vegan diet may be beneficial for your gut health as is it richer in certain nutrients, which may aid in weight loss, lowering blood sugar or improving kidney function.

LEON Wimbledon

The Sushi Co – Responsible Fresh Sushi

Take your taste buds on a trip to Japan with authentic sushi crafted from the finest, freshly sourced ingredients, including top-quality fish from renowned, award-winning fisheries at The Sushi Co.

The fish used in many types of sushi is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and is a rich source of nutrients and minerals.

The Sushi Co