‘No Chance’ dice sculpture displayed in Centre Court

Autumn Arts Festival is taking place over three weekends during September in Wimbledon Town Centre. Celebrating arts and culture in the borough, pieces of art from local artists are popping up around town!

Henry Day’s fantastic piece ‘No Chance’ is being housed in Centre Court Shopping Centre, lower mall, during the festival. A Wimbledon College of Arts graduate, Henry described his piece in the folloowing words:

“Using 15,000 dice to make a sculpture that is a larger version of itself, the intent of this piece is to exploit their symmetry. The common perception of a dice is one of chaos, unpredictability and chance. When a dice is rolled, what governs what face it lands on? Chance? The ultimate answer is physics. Being a shape that is perfectly symmetrical, the simplicity of the object is a strange contrast to its apparent complexity when thrown.

One small dice makes a larger dice, and that larger dice makes one even larger, this could repeat infinitely. By balancing them all on top of each other on their point, there is a friction between the precariousness of dice and the perfectly arranged, proportionate, repeating fractal pattern. This is suggestive of fractal patterns that repeat throughout existence regardless of scale. Is this all down to chance?”

Henry has been shortlisted for the Picton Art Prize 2015 and was a winner of the Nelson Health Centre Art Prize 2015 and selected for Capsticks exhibition 2015. Find out more about Henry here.