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Floating above the bustling streets of Wimbledon Town Centre is a genuine oasis of calm – a fresh, lofty space to focus the mind and body in contemplation, reflection and physical purpose.


Jiva Health perches above a row of busy shops along Wimbledon Bridge, conveniently close to Wimbledon Station. Ascending the stairs and entering the bright studio piqued with uplifting fragrances, one can still hear the traffic outside and feel the rumble of trains passing underneath. But rather than disrupting the calm, these just act as reminders of why we’re here; tangible challenges to sharpen our resolve and ensure we remain focused on the time and place we’re in.

Established in Wimbledon by Tish Dodson and Lisa Smith in 2009, Jiva Health offers a diverse range of classes and treatments. Both Tish and Lisa originally embarked on corporate careers, but events in their personal lives triggered profound changes in their perspectives, and the directions in which their lives were heading. It also led to their fortuitous encounter on a training course and their dreams became reality with the birth of Jiva Health.


Their timing was perfect. Since the financial crisis there has been a notable shift away from traditional health and fitness regimes and standard gym memberships. Pumping weights, pounding pavements or powering through routines to thumping music was no longer enough. People wanted more – a better return on the time and money invested in exercising; something more effective and reflective, drawing together and working both mind and body.


Jiva Health offers just that. Tish, Lisa and all health practitioners at Jiva have extensive experience and knowledge. They understand the importance of building good personal connections with their clientele, and they follow ongoing training and further education to ensure their skills and knowledge are up-to-date with all the latest scientific and medical discoveries. The emphasis at Jiva Health is on a broad, welcoming offering in a non-competitive, non-judgemental setting. There is literally something for everyone and this diversity and openness is reflected in their loyal customer base: men and women of all ages and abilities, backgrounds and ethnicity.



Jiva Health offers a variety of yoga practises with sessions throughout the week, including pregnancy and mum and baby classes. Instructors guide participants to develop strong connectivity between mind and body, concentrating on total immersion in each discipline. Matwork Pilates classes are also available, targeting core stabilising muscles to develop strength with the aim of achieving correct body alignment and posture.In addition to classes, Jiva Health also offers a variety of treatments, including massage, acupuncture, osteopathy and reflexology as well as some ground-breaking new treatments.


Gait Realignment Therapy is simply movement therapy based on the way you walk, as a solution for chronic pain. Small changes in the way we walk or move our feet can have huge knock-on effects for seemingly unconnected problems elsewhere in the body. Gait therapy addresses the hip and back ailments commonly associated with our increasingly sedentary and desk-bound lifestyles by assessing the way we walk and tackling problems with foot placement.

It is the most advanced bio-mechanical and gait analysis and treatment in the UK, and comes highly recommended by Jiva’s clients. One recently avoided unnecessary surgery after months of medication and other treatments failed to improve her excruciating and immobilising back pain. Following gait therapy and continuing to practise the techniques learned, she now moves freely and without pain.


The Mu-Tu System is another innovative offering from Jiva Health, incorporating intense but low impact toning and strengthening exercises in a new approach to the problems associated with “mummy tummy”. But it is not just for mums. Mu-Tu is relevant for all women and has huge-ranging benefits to many common issues such as weak core and pelvic floor and diastasis recti. Mu-Tu is a globally recognised, medically reviewed, tried and tested solution and Tish is the only certified Mu-Tu professional in London.

Jiva Health offers a holistic, forward-thinking approach to complete wellbeing. Step out of the everyday hustle and bustle and experience this haven of serenity in the heart of Wimbledon. Your mind and body will be pleased you did.

Why not try a yoga holiday?

Totally immerse yourself in yoga, movement, sea and sunshine. Jiva run Yoga Retreats, Holidays and Weekends, enjoy relaxed daily practice for all levels – plenty of free time and families welcome.

Jiva Health
19a Wimbledon Bridge, SW19 7NH