Wimbledon Town Centre Reaches a New Design Pinnacle

Planning permission has been given for a major refurbishment to take place at Pinnacle House right in the Heart of Wimbledon Town Centre.

Located on Hartfield Road, Pinnacle House was first constructed back in 1990. Twenty five years later, exciting plans are now underway at Pinnacle House to transform, modernise and further strengthen the quality of office space in Wimbledon Town Centre. An exciting refurbishment has started to see the erection of three additional floors which in total will create a floor area of 5,635 square meters; this is a 1,756 Square meter increase. This allows for business growth and the creation of new job opportunities.

The exterior will feature gold aluminium panels which will lighten as the building gets higher, the building will boast a new and improved open entrance with widened steps. This attention to detail and strong contemporary design will heighten the interest of the building visually.

The recently refurbished Mansel Court on Mansel Road boasted an energy efficient design and Pinnacle House will follow suit with materials being implemented for the refurbishment that will preserve energy. Also with the removal of the existing roof to introduce a brand new green roof, it’s contributing to a greener Town Centre. A green terrace will also be introduced for the office tenants to enjoy as a breakout area.

A cyclist’s entrance is to be introduced where 60 brand new cycle racks will be installed.

Aviva Investors aim with Pinnacle House is to set a new benchmark in first class office space for the area which in turn creates a destination for future businesses to Wimbledon Town Centre. This future started with the newly refurbished Wimbledon Bridge House, the next step is the development of Pinnacle House to enhance the new premium office space that Wimbledon currently has and that it is the ideal office location to meet a business needs.

Helen Clark Bell, BID Manager said ‘ We are seeing much of our office stock being upgraded. This has a positive affect on new businesses being attracted to the town centre. With the potential development of other key sites in the town centre over the coming years, we expect to see continued businesses growth in Wimbledon’.