Winter Fuel Appeal from Wimbledon Guild

Opportunity for more fortunate members of our community to donate Winter Fuel Payment to help those who may be struggling

Local social welfare charity, Wimbledon Guild is appealing for extra help this winter to support those in need across Merton. The charity, based on Worple Road, is asking Merton residents who are in receipt of the state Winter Fuel Payment but who are not facing hardship to consider donating their annual government allowance to one of the borough’s leading charities.

Chief executive, Wendy Pridmore said:

There is very real hardship all across our borough which we see and try to help each day. There may be people who qualify for the Winter Fuel Payment but may feel more comfortable knowing the money will be used to heat the home of someone less well off. Our charity can help make that happen. Donating the allowance to Wimbledon Guild really does make a life changing difference to people and ensures they are kept warm and comfortable during otherwise difficult winter months. We had a case earlier this year that highlighted how donations for Winter Fuel Allowance helped Carol*, you can read her story below.  And Carol’s case is not a ‘one-off’ situation for us. In winter we see this occur all too often.

Carol’s Story

Carol was 90 years old when her boiler was replaced at her flat in January 2017. She was relieved as the weather was turning bitterly cold and her old boiler was unreliable. Unfortunately, a few days later the new boiler broke leaving Carol in a freezing flat with no heating or hot water. She called the boiler company time and time again but they refused to return her calls, her family lived far away and could not help. With increasing poor health and daily hospital appointments to attend, Carol did not know where to turn. Then one day, a doctor recommended she contact Wimbledon Guild. They talked through her situation, provided a portable heater and contacted the boiler company ensuring they reinstated her heating. Carol said:

I ended up without heating for a month. When you have no one to turn to, you realise how alone you are. Wimbledon Guild helped me so much and I cannot thank them enough for their support. The people of Merton are lucky to have such a great organisation on their doorstep.

* Client name has been changed to protect privacy

There are lots of easy ways to donate!

To make your donation go even further, just ask Wimbledon Guild for a gift aid form.

Wimbledon Guild holds supporting ageing as one of three core aims alongside tackling poverty and encouraging mental well-being. In this economic climate, the need for these services has never been greater.

About Wimbledon Guild

Wimbledon Guild improves the lives of people in Merton by empowering the development of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

From its base at Guild House on Worple Road, Wimbledon, it offers a significant number of services across the community to make a positive difference to everyone irrespective of age or background. Whether it’s feeling valued, being more active, thinking clearly, feeling confident about the future, having contact with others or an interest in new things – the focus is making a difference to their lives.

The services Wimbledon Guild offer include:

  • Transport, benefits and housing support
  • Counselling services
  • Bereavement support
  • Small grants
  • Clubs, classes, talks and trips
  • HomeFood Café
  • Befriending and volunteering

Wimbledon Guild’s vital work in the local community can only continue through the generosity of the general public and rely heavily on donations and support from local people and businesses.