Health Zone celebrates 20 years

Passionate about health and wellbeing, independent shop owner, Mishal Qadri has successfully served Wimbledon for 20 years

A popular staple on our local high street, this independent business has faced many challenges since opening on 12 December 1997 and continues to adapt to the ever changing needs of this industry and customers.

“I remember clearly the day we opened” says Mishal “I was so busy getting everything perfect that I hadn’t noticed the doors had opened and the customers almost sprung up on me! It was a dream come true and a day I will never forget.”

At the time, Health Zone was one of a kind in Wimbledon, an Independent Health Food Shop and Clinic, and initially people were a little confused as to what this shop was all about… a gift shop, an alternative chemist for lotions and potions or a health shop for hippies?

“When we opened, our shop floor had everything from food, body care products, vitamins and supplements to a library of health and nutrition books and leaflets. Upstairs, we had an organic café and the clinic was up and running, offering therapist appointments, a few weeks after we opened” says Mishal,

“We have never stopped learning, adapting and changing to the needs of our customers and the changing demands of a high street store.”

The shop has undergone many changes over the 20 years that it has been providing products, services and advice to customers, who have changed too.

Over time, “Our customers have become younger and increasingly knowledgeable and savvy about health and nutrition. It’s great as it keeps us on our toes staying one step ahead of them in how and what we offer” says Mishal.

Today Health Zone boasts a wide variety of supplements, specialist foods, sports nutrition, organic beauty and body care products, a variety of Complementary Therapy treatments, as well as going digital with a blog sharing advice and expertise and an online shop.

Staying true to their core principles and values of offering the best customer service, quality products from the most reputable sources, highly trained Therapists, Practitioners and staff Health Zone have worked to maintaining their strong reputation among customers and referral business within the industry.

“Business is good and what has set us apart over the years and remaining relevant on the high street is that we continually adapt, change and survive. I travel extensively to ensure Health Zone is in line with the latest products, suppliers and therapies. All our staff, many of them long serving, are specialist trained and passionate about health and healing and this coupled with our quality products created an atmosphere that keeps our customers coming back. We are so happy that they do and here’s to the next 20 years in Wimbledon.”