A Movement Break for Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are at the forefront of many minds and staying active is essential for your physical and mental health.
Jiva Health are offering interactive live classes in Yoga and Pilates providing three classes a day online for alignment and posture, restorative practices for stress and flow yoga for energy. You can join a class from your home where you are guided by the teacher to get the most effective practice for your needs. And they have specialist teachers for back pain, stress, pregnancy and postnatal needs. Tips and videos are also sent weekly to support you during this unusual time. You can see a short 12-minute video here to help you let go of frustrations from your day, and stress that may be building, using EFT (emotional freedom technique) and yoga.
Movement Break Tip 
If you are reading this and need a movement break, lift your phone or put your hands together and lift them above your head.  Bend at the elbows and take your hands or phone behind you.  If you have been looking down a lot also look up. Take a deep breath expanding your ribcage as you do. Can you breathe through your nose with your lips closed and tongue resting upwards?  Is the breath even on both sides? Can you even it out.  If you have pushed your ribs forward now bring them back above your hips.  Keep lifting the elbows upwards but now feel the abdominal muscles getting involved and supporting your back. Release after a few breaths and be well.

A treat for our readers! Use promo code ‘LoveWimbledon’ for 10% off the discounted online 10 or 5 class passes or drop-in classes. See the timetable and get your discount here  If you are new to Yoga or Pilates get 10% off an initial private session (usually £45) to help you feel comfortable and benefit from online classes at this time. Email Jiva Health for more information.

Get Healthy in 2020

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul

Wimbledon is home to a number of fitness, health and wellness facilities to help you work towards a healthier happier you.

  • Calm your mind and feel good with yoga, pilates or treatments at Jiva Health Wimbledon. Introduce a friend and receive 20% off any class pass.
  • The Wimbledon Library hosts an array of activities including Mindfulness Workshops, Tai Chi-Qi Kong and free lunchtime Well-Being talks.
  • Osteoperformance offers complementary healthcare for rehabilitation and well-being.

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Jiva Health

Fuel your healthy eating habit

If you’re meeting friends for a social meal or grabbing a bite on the go, there are plenty of healthy eating options in Wimbledon.

  • Whether you’re attempting Veganuary for the whole month or simply choosing more plant-based foods during the week, try Bill’s Wimbledon new vegan menu featuring beetroot steak, tiger fries and superfood cold pressed juices, to start the year of right.
  • The mother-daughter team at Lu-Ma are passionate about creating a place where healthy eating is easy and serve food that nourishes the body.  They offer gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options and their takeaway packaging is completely compostable.
  • Enhance your health and well-being at Health Zone. They take a holistic approach to providing you with products and advice to keep you healthy year-round.
  • If you’re on the go, Joe & the Juice serve a variety of nutritious and healthy options to Re-Build, Energize or Stress Down.

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Switch up your skincare regime

With end-of-year celebrations all wrapped up, the party season may have taken its toll on your skin. That, together with facing extreme temperature conditions – moving from the chilly outdoors to powerful office heating systems and back again – leaves many of us feeling dehydrated particularly on our face. Now, is the perfect time to switch up your skincare regime, treat yourself to a thirst-quencher and a radiance boost to brave such elements.

Elys is a great destination to shop your favourite Beauty brands (Clinique, Dermalogica, Lancôme and Sisley to name just a few) and receive expert, individual advice from their team of consultants. If you have your skincare sorted, why not look ahead to the new season and start thinking about your makeup colour palette for Spring? The likes of Bobbi Brown, Hourglass, NARS and M.A.C. have the latest products featuring the hottest colour trends ready and their artists are waiting for you to go swatch them for yourself!

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“With the New Year comes a refuelled motivation to improve on the past one” — Gretchin Bleiler