Ranger Impact Report Calendar Year 2023

The Graph above illustrates the issues resolved for the calendar year between January – December 2023. Throughout the year, our town ranger Tom Ruffell has been actively addressing and resolving instances of anti-social behaviour in the town. The graph illustrates this commitment, showcasing an increase in issues reported such as litter picking, fly-posting, and issues related to highways. An example of this is displayed on the graph above, as we can see the removal of at least 15 graffiti tags are removed from private properties each month.

In addition to this, the Love Wimbledon team was dedicated to keeping the town remained clean and well-maintained for a successful year of events. These included the Sustainable September celebrations, Friday Food & Play, Big Screen Tennis, Winterfest, and our Christmas markets. A total of 13,112 square meters of pavement were cleaned in preparation for these events this year.

Through daily checks of Wimbledon, our town ranger identifies and reports these anti-social issues, initiating prompt and efficient resolution by working with the correct partners. As a result, a total of 3,089 instances have been successfully resolved.

You can report issues here:

Fly tipping


Graffiti (in public areas)


Streets and Pavements (Highways)

Traffic Lights

Bus Stops and Shelters

Rough sleepers