Prudential Ride London

There will be a large number of road closures in West London and Surrey and you may be affected by congestion and increased journey times because of road closures in the areas around the route. The road closures can also result in displaced traffic that makes other parts of London busier than usual. The route has also changed slightly around Kingston. Information, advice and maps will be available online at and

Transport for London (TfL) will be working with London Surrey Cycling Partnership (LSCP) to keep you informed about any impact on the road network.  LSCP will be working on behalf of TfL to engage directly with businesses and freight operators to provide advice on planning ahead and considering your options.

Exemplary Low Carbon Initiative Offices Open

In March 2014 Mansel House, an outdated 1960’s office block, reopened as a state of the art, green workspace.  The UK headquarters of software businesses Statpro, international software developers and Winshuttle moved to the exemplary building in Wimbledon Town Centre.

The objectives were simple, to refurbish and remodel an outdated building creating relevant and contemporary green offices.  This included draft proofing with high performance insulation, passive ventilation, water harvesting and collection,  maximising natural light and the use of healthy materials as well as working with the current occupiers to minimise their  emissions. The quality of architecture provides an exciting addition to Wimbledon Town Centre. The developers were Stanhope and Threadneedle, major players in the industry.

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Mayor urges small businesses to connect with £23m internet scheme

The Mayor of London has launched a £23m scheme to provide high speed broadband connections for over 9,000 small businesses in the capital. The Mayor described the scheme to leading members of the capital’s business community as he addressed the London First Infrastructure Summit. Find out more at here