Local Plan for Merton – FAQ

Local Plan for Merton – FAQ

Wimbledon Town Centre key documents

01 What is a local Plan?

  • It is created by the Borough Council (Merton)
  • It is a development plan and is part of the governments planning system
  • It sets out the strategic planning framework for 15 years in Merton
  • It covers subjects such as new homes, healthy streets, transport, air quality, climate change, retail, office and industrial development
  • Once adopted it supersedes all planning documents


02 Why should we care?

The plans consultation closes on January 28 2019. A public enquiry should happen in Winter 2019 and adoption of the strategy in 2020. THE OUTPUTS FROM THE DOCUMENT WILL BE IN PLACE FOR FIFTEEN YEARS.

The plan sets out a vision, strategy and a lot of planning detail.

The aim for Wimbledon Town Centre is:

To ensure Wimbledon continues to be a thriving destination for businesses, local residents and visitors. The policy N3.6 outlines the detail including site specific information  (if you are a BID business, this is the one to read) and the ten points that have come through Future Wimbledon workshops.


03 What are the visions / aims?

Vision for Wimbledon Town Centre:

By 2036 The overall quality of Wimbledon town centre will more closely match the attractive residential areas that surround it.

2040s. A plan for the future of over-station development, greater access across the tracks, public space at the heart of Wimbledon Bridge and the future of Dundonald Yards will be implemented


Vision for all town centres in Merton (including Wimbledon)

Town Centres Document is here at the end of the Economy document.
Sections of importance:

Tc7.6 – Location and scale of development in Merton’s town centres and neighbourhood parades

Tc7.7 – Protection of shopping facilities within designated shopping frontages

Tc7.10 – Food and drink / leisure / entertainment uses

Tc7.11 – Culture, arts and tourism development


04 What are the overall borough objectives?

These can be found within Merton Councils document ‘Strategic Vision and Objectives’, but top line they are:

1 Healthy Places

To make Merton a healthier place for all.

2 Place

To promote a high quality urban and suburban environment in Merton where development is well designed and contributes to the function and character of the borough.

3 Housing

To provide new homes and infrastructure within Merton’s town centres and residential areas, through physical regeneration and effective use of space.

4 Environment

To make Merton an exemplary borough in mitigating and adapting to climate change, reducing pollution, developing a low carbon economy, consuming fewer resources and using them more effectively.

5 Infrastructure

To make Merton a well-connected and accessible place where walking, cycling and public transport are the modes of choice when planning all journeys.

6 Economy (this document is particularly useful for BID businesses)

To make Merton, a prosperous borough, with a strong, sustainable and thriving economy.


05 How do I comment?

You can email or write to Merton Council, quoting the policy or site number that you are commenting on:

Email: future.merton@merton.gov.uk

Post: FutureMerton team

London Borough of Merton

London Road

Morden SM4 5DX


All the documents are on Merton’s website HERE if you would like to read anything in more detail.