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Talk of the Town 2020

We were delighted to welcome so many participants to our annual Talk of the Town event on Wednesday 11th November.

It was a virtual meeting this year with a terrific turnout and, if you missed the meeting, a recording can be accessed here. (passcode: =V3sqTd!)


Helen Clark Bell, Chief Executive said:

It is always a pleasure to speak to businesses about the work that Love Wimbledon BID delivers and to present our Annual Report for 2019/20. It is a challenge to communicate in a short presentation the breadth of our activity but I would like to thank everyone for attending our virtual Talk of the Town event this year, for your questions and for your positive feedback and comments.


We heard from two local businesses, Jitesh Patel, CEO of Peldon Rose, who spoke about the future of the workplace and a Q&A with Libby Andrews, Marketing Director of Pho Restaurants, discussing how Covid-19 has impacted their business, how they’ve adapted and the support they’ve received from Love Wimbledon. Sally Warren from Love Wimbledon gave an insight into the placemaking projects we have been working on to contribute to the personality and identity of the town.


Jitesh Patel said:

We are going to start seeing the inherent value of creating workspaces because that’s where you create cultures and that’s where you inspire people and nurture talent…Hybrid working was always here…more and more people need a mix between homeworking and a workspace (an office/location) and being located in a place where this can be facilitated is becoming more important.


Libby Andrews commented:

Love Wimbledon has always provided us with a connection to the people in Wimbledon. The people who work there, the people who live there…and helped us to communicate to their audience. It feels like a small town coming together in a big city and Love Wimbledon has helped us to keep a face to the brand and not become a faceless chain.


Thank you to everyone who was able to join the meeting, links from the presentations are below.


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Secret Wimbledon (includes links to artwork and placemaking)

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