Wimbledon Facts & Figures Quiz

In September we held our first stakeholder update since our new term began. We presented what we are doing and Wimbledon businesses, residents and visitors fired questions at us. You can find all you need to know highlighted in our very digestible Annual Report.

Check out some of our Wimbledon facts and figures in the quiz we had on the night. ANSWERS BELOW (don’t peek)

  1. How many national/international HQs offices are there in Wimbledon?
  2. What percentage of Merton’s businesses are based in Wimbledon?
  3. What percentage of Merton’s jobs are based in Wimbledon?
  4. What is the busiest hour of the week for Footfall in the town?
  5. How many new businesses did we welcome to Wimbledon between April 2016 – March 2017?
  6.  How many bike racks are there in the town?
  7. How many trees are there in the town?
  8. How many people go through our train station every year?
  9. Average age of Wimbledon residents?
  10. What percentage of residents are born outside the UK?
  11. Last but not least – how tall was our fabulous Christmas tree on the station forecourt last year?


  1. 30
  2. 60%
  3. 40%
  4. 1pm weekdays (13:00)
  5. 15
  6. 255
  7. 136
  8. 13.5 million
  9. 36
  10. 35%
  11. 25 feet